The Haarlock’s Legacy Campaign

In the early months of 815.M41, a series of select individuals were kidnapped throughout the Calixus sector and – in some incidences – beyond. Drugged and mind-scrubbed, the survivors were dumped into events with the intent of triggering an old prophecy. Amongst these unfortunate individuals were a number whose competency and fortunes brought them together to survive and to face the threat they were faced with, that of the Haarlock legacy.

This is a site used to log major plot points and information gained throughout the Haarlock Legacy Campaign. The primary purpose of this campaign log is for the players to be able to log on and refresh their memory before new sessions.

A summary of facts discovered concerning the Haarlock Legacy is listed here: The Haarlock Legacy

The campaign takes place in the Calixis Sector Encyclopaedia Calixia

You will find a summary of plot events in the “Adventure Log” – or simply follow the links below.

The playing characters consist of:

Atellus Cleric Oee
Constantine Imperial Psyker manebsd
Cromwell Guardsman Marw
Jericus Assassin Inquisitor_Boreal
Tybalt Techpriest FinnArturRosland
Metalus Adept Darksyde98

The player characters are either playing or have completed the following adventures:

Part 1: Tattered Fates


The Red Cages. Chapter one of Tattered Fates, from the Haarlock Legacy Campaign. Note that surviving this adventure chapter made the following Elite Campaign Package available: Survivor of The Red Cages.

Carnival of Blood. Chapter two of Tattered Fates, from the Haarlock Legacy Campaign.

The 13th Hour. Chapter three of Tattered Fates, from the Haarlock Legacy Campaign

Part 2: The House of Dust and Ash


The House of Dust and Ash. Scenario from the Haarlock Legacy Campaign, featured in Disciples of the Dark Gods.

Inquisitor Silas Marr takes custody of the party of characters and send them on a mission to Solomon, where they are to go undercover at an auction of Haarlock relics and report any suspicious observations.

Part 3: Jurisdiction


Jurisdiction. Scenario from Book of Judgement.

Now acolytes in the service of Inquisitor Achiel Gedeliah, the characters are sent to investigate possible paranormal activity upon the Inquisitor’s homeworld of Iocanthus. However, while in transit their ship receives an astropathic communication that orders them to assist the Adeptus Arbites upon Donaris, moon of Granithor, in a sensitive investigation that is bringing the Adeptus Ministorum and Adeptus Mechanicus head-to-head.

Part 4: Illumination


Illumination. Scenario from the Dark Heresy Core Rulebook.

Following events on Donaris, the Acolyte cell finally arrive at Iocanthus to pick up the investigation into possible paranormal activity upon the savage planet of Ghostfire pollen.

Part 5: Damned Cities


After a year on Iocanthus, the Acolytes are called upon to investigate some grisly matters that some within the Inquisition believe relate to some of the group’s earlier experiences.

Intermission upon Iocanthus. A summary of events that took place upon Iocanthus between Illumination and Damned Cities.

Death in Sinophia Magna. Chapter one of Damned Cities, from the Haarlock Legacy Campaign.

Part 6: The Light of Reason


The Light of Reason. Scenario from The Lathe Worlds sourcebook.

In the wake of events on Sinophia, Tybalt receives a mysterious message from an unlikely source, desperately begging the Tech-Priest and his fellow acolytes to investigate a grave threat lurking in the Lathe system.

The Haarlock Legacy Campaign

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