The Haarlock Legacy Campaign



Several months have passed since the escape from the Burning Isle, but Inquisitor Gedeliah has kept his new acolytes busy with the predominantly administrative tasks of getting their new lives sorted. Each acolyte was tasked with reestablishing their lives on Solomon in accordance with the needs of the Inquisition.

(What this means is something that needs to be discussed with each player.)

The task is been surprisingly challenging, as Inquisitor Gedeliah expects his Acolytes to pursue a daily routine of both physical training and scholastic study in addition to any administrative tasks, both professional and private. However, the change of pace has not been entirely unpleasant.

Shortly after the aftermath of their last adventure, the characters were treated to several meetings with the Inquisitor. Achiel earnestly apologized for his rather brusk acceptance of the characters as his acolytes. Although he was honest about his personal thoughts on gathering cells of acolytes, he did not consider it a fault of the characters that he was tasked with their administration. Despite the auspicious nature of their meeting, it seems that the Inquisitor has somehow been forced to take on the tutelage of the characters.

Nevertheless, he has embraced his duty, and in return his demands are straightforward: the acolytes are to make his efforts worth their while, embracing their duties with initiative and an independence that will have his investment pay off.

  • Atellus is presented with papers that declare his secondment to His Holy Inquisition, and he is given a reference in the Eccliarchy whom Atellus must meet in order to see all necessary administration of his official reassignment seen to. Accompanied by Constantine, Atellus goes to meet Archpriest Grecor Savaanin. The Archpriest turns out to be rather contemptful of Atellus’s position, but assigns a Deacon, a mean man named Kogam to assist with the administration.
  • Although Deacon Kogam carries out his duties (at least to the letter of the law), he is overtly hostile towards the characters, seeming to enjoy belittling Atellus for abandoning their beloved Adeptus Ministorum for the questionable practices of the Inquisition. Atellus and Constantine avoid any argument, and leave his charge as soon as they can. However, they later find themselves ambushed by Kogam and a few Fratis Militia goons who seem intent on teaching them a lesson in breaking certain perceived bonds of loyalty. Kogam and his goons nearly get the better of Atellus and Constantine in a back-alley scrap-up, until Constantine unleashes his fury in the form of a psychic harrowing. The group of attackers are all subdued to some degree of fear and terror, the worst case suffering severe mental traumas as a result of the sudden terror ripping through his consciousness. Atellus finishes the job by beating the terrified Kogam within an inch of his life, his anger almost getting the better of him; until Constantine drags him off the poor deacon and leave them to their shame.

Just as the characters are starting to feel some sense of continuity and daily routine, however; Achiel summons the acolytes to a meeting chamber. He has an assignment for them, and as their first tasks they are brought together as a team to assist and safeguard a senior Inquisitorial agent in carrying out an investigation on the barbaric world of Iocanthus.

  • During the morning meal, Inquisitor Achiel Gedeliah arrives unexpectedly and informally requests the presence of the Acolytes for a mission briefing after their physical training. At the meeting the Acolytes are met by Achiel and another acolyte who the Inquisitor introduces briefly as Metalus, a Verispex formally of the Adeptus Arbites who will be operating together with the cell during this assignment. As soon as introductions are complete, Achiel presents the mission: Illumination Brief


  • The Acolytes are transported to the Brazen Sky, where they are met by Purser Sebek, a rough-around-the-edges ship’s purser who sees the characters to their module. He is overbearingly friendly, but cautions the characters against venturing beyond their assigned lodgings aboard the ship. Their lodgings consists of a module, once a fine passenger facility but now ancient and worn, consisting of a common room, a few sterile and sanitized bathrooms, and a number of small sleeping cells.
  • The general state of the Brazen Sky does not inspire any particular confidence, and although the characters request meetings with the ship’s Captain and it’s Mechanicus crew, their requests are never answered. The few crew encountered by the characters are generally hostile and speak a strange dialect, but the services (food, sensitization, etc.) are punctual and adequate.


  • Tybalt sets up a hack to enter the ship’s systems, and start monitoring data, while the other characters settle into their berthing. The next day Metalus has a conversation with Sebek about acquiring some much-needed ammunition, and Sebek tactfully requests that Metalus look into some “unwanted tampering” within the ship’s passenger module. Tybalt accepts that his actions have been detected and disconnects from the Brazen Sky.
  • Purser Sebek undertakes the role of a go-between and brokers a deal between Metalus and the ship’s under-market for an autopistol and some ammunition. Constantine requests some heavier ammunition, but Sebek isn’t able to track down this item for them.
  • The ship receives an astrotelepathic message…

(This is where The Brazen Sky is ordered to make a visit to Granithor, on its way to Iocanthus)


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