The Haarlock Legacy Campaign

The Red Cages

The Red Cages

First Chapter of Tattered Fates, first adventure in the Haarlock Legacy campaign.

  • The player characters have all been kidnapped, only to awake and find themselves in a gladiatorial pit together with a number of other kidnapped individuals. A man in a Jackal mask looks down upon them, and unleashes a wave of furious Spindle-maws by opening gates to the pit.
  • Just as the situation seems to become utterly desperate, a man in a Heron mask appears and lowers a ladder into the pit. The player characters and several other survivors manage to fight their way out of the pit, although many more are slain. The man with the Heron mask is gone.
  • The player characters spend days navigating the dark undercity of Xicarph, known as the Red Cages, looking for an escape. Their party is split, and other survivors of the pit become separated as well (including a strong individual by the name of Lar’ax Melua). The player characters’ journey leads them to Vault 13 where they all meet up again and, after a battle with several Beast House slavers, discover the mutilated remains of Inquisitor Nazauth Karkalla.
  • The player character manage to stabilize the Inquisitor long enough to learn that he is on Quaddis investigating the Beast House, only to have discovered that they were in turn being controlled by something even more sinister. The Jackal mask, Marcus Vulpa, is a head slaver of the Beast House, but he is being controlled by a mean and corrupt individual known only as the Heron mask. The Inquisitor has the player characters swear before the Emperor that that will finish the Inquisitor’s work, uncover the Heron mask’s plans, stop them and kill the heretic himself. The Inquisitor stresses that the world will die unless the player characters stop him!
  • The player characters also learn that they have all been selected and brought to Quaddis due to some dark omen, some bloody prophecy, that has to do with the Haarlock bloodline. The Inquisitor isn’t able to tell them more, but refers them to the only survivor of his entourage – the White Scholar.

“Seek out the White Scholar, one of mine, escaped the attack I think, he will help you, ask him… ask him what can be found in the ninth stack on Prol. He will answer ‘emptiness’ if it is he…”


Really good and thorough summary!

The Red Cages
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