Achiel Gedeliah



Inquisitor Achiel Gedeliah


Achiel Gedeliah is a stern, driven man from Iocanthus who only recently attained his Inquisitorial seal. Ever suspicious of the origins of the many dark myths and legends from his home world, Achiel’s first operation has been to return to Iocanthus and investigate ancient matters upon the feral planet.

Achiel is a man with a powerful build, standing 2 m tall and weighing in at about 110 kg. His eyes are bionic replacements, but the scarring left from the wounds has not diminished his stern, handsome looks. Achiel is a peak physical shape, and favors wearing plain journeymens’ clothing. He is reputed to be a master of blade combat


Achiel was recruited at a relatively young age, and served as an acolyte to the late Inquisitor Bran Jovastine for nearly two decades. After her death his status was reviewed by her peers of the Calixian Conclave and his elevation from Interrogator to Inquisitor confirmed. He is a man of exceptional will and purpose, but one who prefers to operate alone or in small groups. Achiel has a preference for his work to remain clandestine, and he eschews public attention whenever possible.

There are less than a dozen operatives associated with Achiel, a few of which are known previously as acolytes of the late Inquisitor Jovastine. Beyond these associates he is not believed to retain any meaningful number of operative assets. Achiel clearly prefers personal action as opposed to masterminding operations from behind the scenes.

Achiel Gedeliah

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