WS BS Str T Ag Int Per WP Fel
44 64 48 39 44 30 41 36 30
Movement 4 / 8 / 12 / 24 Wounds 19
Fate 5 Corruption 1 Insanity 21

Skills: Awareness (Per), Charm (Fel), Dodge (Ag), Inquiry (Int), Swim (Str), Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int), Survival (Int), Drive (Ground Vehicle) (Ag), Common Lore (Imperial Guard) (Int), Ciphers (War Cant) (Int), Intimidate (Str), Concealment (Ag), Demolition (Int), Climb (Str), Ciphers (Inquisition), Secret Language (Inquisition), Interrogation, Tracking, Shadowing, Common Lore (Underworld), Navigation (Surface)(Int), Tech Use (Int), Security (Agi)

Talents: Melee Weapon Training (Primitive), Pistol Weapon Training (Las), Basic Weapon Training (Las), Accustomed to Crowds (pg. 17), Caves of Steel (pg. 17), Hivebound (pg. 17), Wary (pg. 17), Unshakable Faith (pg. 122), Thrown Weapon Training (Primitive), Pistol Weapon training (Bolt), Melee Weapon training (Chain), Sound constitution (x6), Bulging biceps, Basic Weapon Training (Melta), Basic Weapon Training (Plasma), Heavy Weapon Traning (Launcher), Basic Weapon (Bolt), Rapid Reload, Hard target, Step aside, Deadeye shot, Resistance (fear), Sanctioned Wardens, Hip Shooting, Takedown, Double Team, Arms Master, Basic Weapon Training SP, Pistol Weapon Training SP, Heavy Weapon Training SP, Heightened Senses Sight, Heavy Weapon Training Bolt, Mighty Shot, Sharpshooter, Blademaster, Command

Weapons Class Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Reload Wt Special
Chainsword Melee 1d10+6 R 2 6kg Good quality, Balanced, Tearing
Bolt Pistol Pistol 30m S/2/- 1d10+7 X 4 6 × 8 Full 3.5kg Good quality
“The Son-slayer” Long-las Basic 150m S/-/- Best of 2d10 + 7 E 4 10 3 Full 5.5 kg (pack 3kg) Accurate, Best Craftsmanship, No penalties to long / extreme range
“The Nova” Plasmagun Basic 90m S/2/- 1d10 + 8 E 6 20 8 Full 17 kg Recharge, back-mounted charge pack
Autopistol Pistol 30m S/-/6 1d10+4 I 18 Full 2.5kg

Armor: Flak Vest (Body 3), The Nightscale (Arms, Body, Legs 5)

The Nightscale A best craftmanship Xeno Mesh set of armor modified with a blur field (Radical’s Handbook (page 154), suspected xeno origin.
Xeno Mesh Best Craftsmanship, Blur FIeld Arms, Body, Legs, AP 5 1.5 kg


Normal Quality Clothing 1 Backpack 1
Frag grenades 2 Blind grenades 1
Photo visors 1 Clip/Drop harness 1
Filtration plugs 1 Manstopper bullets 60
Lho-sticks 3 pks Ration Packs 5
Manacles 1 Grapnel 1

Throne Gelt: 75

Monthly Income: 200 Thrones

Experience and Advancements

9600 xp spent 50xp available 9650 xp Total
Ballistic Skill Adv. Simple (+5) 100 Toughness Adv. Simple (+5) 100
Background Package (Margin Crusade) 200 Swim 100
Dodge 100 Common Lore (Imperial Guard) 100
Ciphers (War Cant) 100 Quick Draw 100
Concealment 100 Concealment +10 100
Inquiry 100 Charm 200
Ballistic Skill Adv. Intermediate (+10) 250 Ballistic Skill Adv. Trained (+15) 500
Ballistic Skill Adv. Expert (+20) 750 Intimidate 100
Intimidate (+10) 100 Pistol training (Bolt) 100
Melee Weapon training (Chain) 100 Sound Constitution x6 600
Weapon Skill Adv. Simple (+5) 100 Strength Adv. Simple (+5) 100
Thrown Weapon Training (Primitive) 100 Strength Adv. Intermediate (+10) 250
Bulging biceps 100 Dodge +10 100
Basic weapon training (Melta) 100 Heavy weapon training (Launcher) 100
Basic weapon training (Plasma) 100 Rapid reload 100
Inquiry (+10) 200 Demolition 100
Demolition (+10) 100 Basic weapon Bolt 100
Hard target 100 Climb 200
Step aside 100 Deadeye shot 100
Resistance (fear) 100 Sanctioned Wardens 250
Awareness +10 100 Hip Shooting 200
Takedown 100 Double Team 200
Arms Master 100 Basic Weapon Training SP 100
Pistol Training SP 100 Heavy Weapon Training SP 100
Heavy Weapon Training Bolt 100 Heightened Senses Sight 200
Silent Move 200 Command 100
Mighty Shot 200 Sharpshooter
Ciphers (Inquisition) 50 Secret Language (Inquisition) 50
Interrogation 100 Blademaster 100
Tracking 100 Shadowing 100
Common Lore Underworld 100 Command 100
Navigation (Surface) 100 Tech Use 200
Security 200
Character Name Cromwell
Home World Hive World “Vaxanide”, Malfian Sub-sector
Career Path Guardsman
Rank Marksman + Suffering Marshal
Divination Trust in your fate
Quirk Piercing
Gender Male
Build Wiry
Height 1.72 m
Weight 56 kg
Skin Color Fair
Hair Color Matte brown
Eye Color Brown
Age 35


What is your personality like?
A jovial grin.

What does the Inquisition mean to you?
A powerful tool for the Emperors will. Perhaps, if I last long enough, I can make a difference.

What will you sacrifice?
It is the way of the guardsmen to die fighting. Cromwell doesn’t fear death on the battlefield. But he fears for corruption of the soul.

What do you desire?

What do you hate?
Incompetent nobles. Born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Caught up in greed and petty brawls for power. Or even worse. Self serving priests.

Practical Background.

Cromwell was born to an indentured labor-family residing in the lower levels of Vaxinhive, and grew to adulthood in a tough, urban environment a hair’s breadth from desperate poverty. A survivor with a hustler’s streak, Crom’ was considered easy-going and without much ambition.

An ambitious attitude belonged to Crom’s more aggressive younger brother, who ran the local gang from an early age. Crom’ seemed happy supporting his brother, and backed up the gang until he was caught in a recruitment drive for Vaxanide’s Imperial tithe.

Cromwell had never been beyond his sector of the hive his entire life, yet within 24 hours of his capture he found himself in low orbit, interred with thousands of other young men and women upon an Imperial troop transport. The Vaxanide 4th Infantry Regiment had just been formed.

The Vaxanide 4th was tithed to supply the notorious Margin crusade, and in the months it took The Nivien to traverse the tides of the warp beyond the Calixus system Crom’ and the majority of the other recruits were formed into soldiers of the God-Emperor.

Where do you come from? What planet did you reside on when you were kidnapped?

Cromwell is native of the Hive World Vaxanide, but he had been deployed with the Imperial Guard for 12 years before he was kidnapped. His last memories before waking up in the sand of Quaddis were of drinking away his planetleave on Kelf, where he and the other few survivors of the 4th were waiting for orders to join a new regiment.

Who is missing you from home? What obligations were you torn away from?

If anyone still remembers him back home it would be his brother. But Cromwell has never tried to contact him. Never had the chance really.

When you resolve your current situation, is your plan to go back?

Perhaps. Cromwell is uncertain. He never expected to retire from the Guard. However, he still dyes his hair blue as a nod ot his past gang affiliation.


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