Krak Mallear

Adeptus Arbites Chastener, Sinophia Magna



WS BS Str T Ag Int Per WP Fel
29 41 39 35 32 33 34 27 23
Movement 3 / 6 / 9 / 18 Wounds 13
Fate 3 Corruption 3 Insanity 5

Skills: Awareness (Per), Chem-use (Int), Common Lore (Adeptus Arbites, Imperium) (Int), Deceive (Fel), Dodge (Ag), Inquiry (Fel) +10, Interrogation (WP) +10, Intimidate (S) +10, Literacy (Int), Scholastic Lore (Judgment) (Int), Scrutiny (Per) +10, Search (Per), Security (Ag), Silent Move (Ag), Speak Language (High Gothic, Low Gothic) (Int), Tech-Use (Int)

Talents: Basic Weapon Training (Las, SP), Disarm, Hardy, Melee Weapon Training (Primitive, Shock), Pistol Weapon Training (SP), Rapid Reload, Street Fighting

Traits: Schola Education, Skill at arms, Sheltered upbringing, Tempered will

Weapons Class Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Reload Wt Special
Hand cannon Pistol 3 clips
Brass knuckles Melee
Knife Melee
Shock maul Melee
Shotgun SP 12 shells

Armor: Carapace Armor (All 6)


Arbitrator ID 1 Chrono 1
Iinjector 1 Micro-bead 1
Photo visor 1 Respirator 1
Uniform (Good Quality Clothing) 1

Throne Gelt: 64

Experience and Advancements

3500 xp spent 100xp available 3600 xp Total
Description Muscular
Height 1.85m
Weight 105 kg
Age 36
Skin Dark
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Quirk Tattoos

Krak is an intimidator, a man who has committed himself to the skillset of being frightening to others so that they may see the fury of the God-Emperor through him. Raised at the Schola Progenium, Krak has been battered into a mold of dominance. His view of mankind divides people into those he can dominate, and those who hold him in dominion.

Krak applies this “might is right “approach to how he performs his duties, and as such never strained himself to grasp any of the intricacies of the God-Emperor’s law and enforcing it. Neither showing any particular initiative in his work, nor making a lot of friends in his service, made Krak an ideal candidate for service at unpopular, backwater Precinct-Fortresses of the Calixis Sector. This was of no consequence to Krak, however; his approach to performing his duties worked well in such environments. Although it didn’t increase his political standing, he did build a solid reputation for beating confessions out of criminals.

Krak was part of the reinforcements assigned to Sinophia Magna following the depletion of Arbitrator forces due to the Empty Man incident. Although he has only served a few years upon this world, he has found that his methods work as well here as any other heretical pit in the sector. His only complaint is the attitude of his peers, who all seem in such despair concerning circumstance in this city. This has made Krak socially aggressive towards his colleagues, whom he believes should show more backbone in the face of adversity.


Krak is an unrefined fighter, brutal and simplistic in his approach to melee and firearms both. He has a liking for brawling, and is known to keep things quite physical in the interrogation cell. He relies on his Street Fighter talents to keep the upper hand in a brawl, but he has practiced at disarming techniques should things get out of hand.

Outside of combat, Krak relies on Intimidation wherever he can, always using his rank and uniform to best effect to keep people cowed, as he believes is his duty. Interrogation and Scrutiny are also favored skills by the Chastener.

Krak Mallear

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