Austos Sann's Message

DATE: 6203816.M41
SUBJECT: Machina Infernus

Honored Brother Tybalt,

Please forgive the irregularity of this communication. My faith has been sorely tested and I find myself without anybody else whom I can afford to trust. Although our encounter upon Donaris was brief, logical analysis of the data I gathered indicates that you are a faithful and intelligent vassal of our Omnissiah.

I have been terminated. My death was the dispatch trigger for this communication, as well as evidence proving the suspected threat contained herein. Shortly after the incident upon Donaris I was recalled to Lathe-Hadd.It seems my humble diligence had earned me some standing, and I was honored to be ordered to continue my work in the service of Magos Priscus Zeno.

Inspired, I decided to maintain my diligence in serving our Lord and not waste a moment of my time. Accessing auger and positional logs from the vessel I was being transported on, I began surveying the data to learn more of void traffic considerations for vessels entering the Lathe system. My expectations were simply to use the vessel’s journey as a case study for comparison to other available data, but I discovered that the vessel’s chartered approach was most unusual. Furthermore, the vessel made a stop at a seemingly random position in space for nearly a day.

Intrigued, I carefully followed our progress while investigating all relevant data on local stellar phenomena. I was further surprised to discover several curious measurements concerning subtle, but no less dangerous, ætheric disturbances.

Further study and compiling of the raw data downloaded directly from the ship’s sensor enabled me to construct a hypothesis that certain ætheric fluctuations were taking place within this region of space. Comparing it to the ship’s logs, a faint pattern was revealed where the schedule of the void transport’s passage consistently managed to avoid these fluctuations.

At the time I thought nothing more of it than possibly having discovered a potential threat that the vessel had so far managed to avoid through sheer happenstance. Now I curse my ignorance and naivety. However, in good faith I reported these findings along with a request for further investigation.

Shortly after arriving upon Lathe-Hadd, I received a visit from a new colleague who expressed great interest in my studies. However, as he proceeded with his inquiries I began to develop a suspicion. The Tech-priest, who introduced himself as Pertinax Minucci, was seeking to define the scope of my own knowledge, but in doing so revealed that he know more about the anomaly than I had submitted in my report. Had I not had the experience of working in the dangerous political environment beyond the Omnissiah’s blessed domains, I may never have been so alert. However, as we conversed I began to subtly run a several sub-routines investigating (the man’s) background.

It was quite convincing, but after some data probing I noticed tiny facts that seemed erroneous upon closer inspection. I began to draw out the conversation as my data-constructs dug deeper. It was a glorious test of the gifts the Omnissiah has granted me, but I fear I was not equal to the task. I had uncovered some clues pertaining to some of (his) movements and communication, but Minucci,’s patience finally ran out and he insisted that I come along to help “further this investigation”.

Although mostly encrypted, some the clues I was flagging revealed a pattern of contact that went beyond the dominions of Lathe. Combined, all these elements seemed to point towards clandestine, possibly unsanctioned Inquisitorial activity.

As I drew out the last moments before I was to be led away, I derived a backup plan in case this entire situation turned out to be something more than a personal paranoia. I compiled all the relevant information along with this message and set it up to be sent to you if my signal was cut.

Downloading this message is proof that I have been terminated, and the only reason for killing me on the basis for reporting such a trivial information is that it pertains to something very secret, and very dangerous. Consider that this threat seems to be supported by agents within the Adeptus Mechanicus and may possibly include heretical ætheric experimentation within the Lathe System, and that the agent sent to terminate me probably has ties to what might be a darker side of the Inquisition; all leads me to conclude that this matter must be investigated – and quite possibly stopped.

I pray to our Lord that I am mistaken, but if I am executed than I hope this act will at least make my death a valued one in the great plans of the Omnissiah. Given the immediacy of my decision, there is no time to evaluate who amongst my fellow Tech-priests I can trust, nor which agent of the Inquisition I can put my faith in.

Therefore I risk putting my faith in you, Brother Tybalt. As a dedicated and genuine agent of both these great organizations of man, please review my data and investigate whether or not my suspicions are warranted. And if they are, Omnissiah vless us; save our homeworlds.

Humble servant of our Lord,
Austos Sann

Austos Sann's Message

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