Quorum of Noble Families

The Quorum of Noble Families in Sinophia Magna

The Quorum (and its informal political factions)

The Quorum is made up of about four noble houses, the vast majority of which is align to one of three factions. House Idrani currently holds the post of the Planetary Governor, but their fortunes have been waning. House Seculo was the prominent family of the second faction, whose strength has been maintained by staying on friendly terms with the Idrani faction. However, the turmoil in House Seculo has weakened the faction as a whole, which in turn as affected the Idrani faction’s position as well. Finally, in their ascendency, the faction lead by House Maywroth is in direct opposition to the two others, and openly criticizes the office of the Planetary Governor, blaming him for mismanaging the growing crisis in SInophia Magna.

The House of Amorite

A lesser house, aligned to House Seculo. The last members of this family are reputedly broke, living out their lives in decaying mansions, letting madness claim them as their past fortunes fade.

The House of d’Armentiez

Descendants from a decorated Imperial Guard officer who retired to Sinophia Magna after distinguishing himself in the Angevin Crusade, the House of d’Armentiez is famed (or notorious) for its continued affiliation with the military. Several of the higher ranking officers within the PDF are d’Amentiez family members, including the Lord General Planetary Estella d’Amentiez herself. Despite this obvious foundation of power, the House d’Armentiez has been a quiet, stoic supporter of House Idrani for decades, and still voices its allegiance to the Noble lineage and the Planetary Governor.

The House of Gualoa

Gormac Gualoa was a Rogue Trader who settled down on SInophia Magna before Sinophia’s fortunes fell, and his bloodline has integrated itself with all aspects of interplanetary trade from the planet. Needless to say, their power has waned to the inconsequential, but the family stubbornly cling to their existence. They are traditionally allied with the House of Maywroth.

The House of Idrani

House of the Planetary Governor, an although they suffer from a lot of criticism they are still a power to respect on Sinophia Magna.

The House of Krin

The House of Krin is a powerful noble family on Scintilla, traditionally hated by Sinophians for their disregard for the ancient planet and its lineages.

The House of Malveisini

Extinct, and apparently vanished under very suspicious means. Rumors had it that the nobles of Malvesini were involved in things that gave them a dark reputation that clings even years after their death.

The House of Maywroth

A major noble family in their ascendency, their ambition to seize the power of the Idrani for themselves. Although they have indirectly gained from the chaos of the murders in Sinophia Magna so far, they are the most outspoken against what they believe is an attempt by the Undertow to bring down the rightful rule of the Noble Houses. If this is true, and the nobles and undertow come into a more open conflict, that would thwart House Maywroth’s ambitions.

The barge that the acolytes helped to protect the day they arrived on Sinophia Magna belonged to House Maywroth.

The House M’kormakk

Minor house, associated with trade within the city of Sinophia Magna.

The House of Sacchetti

Minor house, associated with religious zealotry and questionable cult activities.

The House of Seculo

Major house, recently thrown into turmoil at the death of its Lord. Already leading the weakest of factions, House Seculo is reeling as their entire faction is crumbling as a formal alliance. Not only is this a grave threat to the future of House Seculo, but the loss of their factions “friendliness” towards the Idrani faction has allowed Maywroth to movemore directly against the Idrani. The murder of Sur’Seculo has caused a major instability in Quorum politics.

The House of Tabraham

Extinct, rumored for being purged by the Inquisition due to alleged association with the Cold Trade.

The House of Vetaripont

Extinct. The House faded as prominent members of its family renounced their lineage and joined various cults – often with conflicting ideologies. Rumors describe the lineage ending in zealous assassinations and disappearances, a viscous shadow war fought between family members until they had all wiped each other out.

Quorum of Noble Families

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