WS BS Str T Ag Int Per WP Fel
40 47 42 42 45 44 49 52 58
Movement 4 / 8 / 12 / 24 Wounds 13 (-12)
Insanity 2 Corruption 2 Fate 5

Skills: Awareness +20 (Per), Barter +20 (Fel), Charm +20 (Fel), Ciphers (Acolyte), Command +20 (Fel), Common Lore (Ecclesiarchy, Imperial Creed) +20 (Int), Common Lore (Administratum, Imperium) (Int), Concealment (Ag), Deceive +20 (Fel), Diplomacy +10 (Fel), Dodge (Ag), Disguise (Fel), Forbidden Lore (Cults, Psykers) (Int), Inquiry +20 (Int), Interrogation (Wp), Intimidate (S/Wp/Fel), Literacy (Int), Scholastic Lore (Imperial Creed +10) (Int), Scrutiny +10 (Per), Search (Per), Secret Tongue (Acolyte), Silent Move (Ag), Speak Language (Low Gothic, High Gothic) (Int), Trade (Copyist, Valet) (Int)

Talents: Air of Authority, Basic Weapon Training (Thrown Weapon, SP), Crushing Blow, Double Team, Etiquette, Supremely Connected, Good Reputation (Ecclesiarchy), Hammer-time, Master Orator, Melee Weapon Training [Primitive], Peer (Ecclesiarchy, Nobility, Rouge Trader, Government, Administratum), Pistol Weapon Training (SP, Flame), Quick Draw, Rapid Reaction, Resistance (Fear), Resistance (Psychic Powers), Sound Constitution x3, Strong Minded, Swift Attack, True Faith, Unshakable Faith, Vendetta, Wealth

Weapons Class Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Reload Wt Special
Baptismal Great Hammer Melee 2d10+3 I 2 7kg Good quality, Primitive, Unwieldy
Two hands, Promethium cartridge
Hand Flamer Pistol 10m S/-/- 1d10+4 E 2 4 × 2 2Full 3.5kg Best quality, Flame
Talon Mk. III Pistol 30m S/2/6 1d10+2 I 0 3 × 18 Full 2.3kg Good quality
1.0 kg Red Dot Laser, Silencer, Quick-draw Holster
3 Duplus Ammo Clips, 60/54 Regular & Man-stopper Bullets

Armor: Flak Vest (Body 3), Lord Vexulius’s Ceremonial Carapace Armor (see below)

Lord Vexullius’s Ceremonial Carapace Armor A highly ornamented set of carapace armor, gold and blue with decorations depicting Saint Castor the Obviate.
Highly Ornamental Light Carapace Arms, Body, Legs; AP 5; 4 kg

Gear: Noble attire (Best Quality), Rosarius (Reduces ranged weapon damage by 2d10, except on a roll of “11”, see pg. 189 of The Inquisitor’s Handbook), Dataslate, 2 Frag Grenades

Throne Gelt: 2519.5

Monthly Income: 200 Thrones

Experience and Advancements

12550 xp spent 750 xp available 13300 xp Total
Ballistic Skill Adv. Simple (+5) 100 Willpower Adv. Simple (+5) 100
Fellowship Adv. Simple (+5) 100 Peer (Ecclesiarchy) 100
Inquiry 100 Awareness 100
Common Lore (Ecclesiarchy) 100 Perception Adv. Simple (+5) 250
Awareness +10 100 Inquiry +10 100
Scrutiny 100 Barter 100
Dodge 100 Charm 100
Deceive 100 Awareness +20 100
Weapon Skill Adv. Simple (+5) 250 Pistol Training (Flame) 200
Resistance (Fear) 200 Toughness Adv. Simple (+5) 250
Deceive +10 100 Agility Adv. Simple (+5) 250
Command 100 Air of Authority 100
Master Orator 100 Fellowship Adv. Intermediate (+5) 250
Charm +10 100 Intelligence Adv. Simple (+5) 250
Scholastic Lore (Imperial Creed) 100 Interrogation 100
Fellowship Adv. Trained (+5) 500 Command +10 100
Barter +10 100 Basic Weapon Training (SP) 100
Common Lore (Ecclesiarchy) +10 100 Common Lore (Imperial Creed +10) 100
Common Lore (Imperium) 100 Forbidden Lore (Cults) 100
Inquiry +20 100 Peer (Government) 100
Scrutiny +10 200 Search 200
Hammer-master 100 Quick Draw 200
Rapid Reaction 100 Concealment 100
Sound Constitution 100 Cell Directive: Sanction Wardens 250
Double Team 200 Unshakable Faith 100
Resistance (Psychic Powers) 300 Sound Constitution 100
Strong Minded 100 Scholastic Lore (Imperial Creed) +10 100
Intimidate 100 Swift Attack 300
Charm +20 100 Command +20 100
Common Lore (Imperial Creed) +20 100 Forbidden Lore (Psykers) 100
Secret Tongue (Acolyte) 50 Ciphers (Acolyte) 50
Good Reputation (Ecclesiarchy) 100 Barter +20 100
Common Lore (Ecclesiarchy) +20 100 Deceive +20 100
Peer (Administratum) 100 Strength Adv. Simple (+5) 250
Silent Move 200 Strength Adv. intermediate (+5) 500
Crushing Blow 200 Diplomacy 200
Common Lore (Administratum) 200 Diplomacy +10 300
True Faith 200 Disguise 300
Fellowship Adv. Expert (+5) 750 Faith Power: Wrath of the Righteous 200
Faith Power: Flames of Faith 200
*Contacts*: Lanus Cisten
Character Name Atellus Jastilus
Home World Noble Born (Void, Rogue Trader)
Career Path Cleric
Rank Bishop
Divination Even a man who has nothing can still offer his life
Quirk Flowing Hair
Gender Male
Build Swelt
Height 1.66
Weight 58 kg
Skin Colour Bluish
Hair Colour Copper
Eye Colour Black
Age 24

The Emperor protects, but every man is obliged to provide for himself

It is our right as subjects of he God-Emperor to rule the stars, and in His name our duty to make it so

War is just the continuation of politics by other means

Raised to wealth and privilege, and schooled by the finest tutors money could by, Atellus grew up to believe in The Emperor as the protector of mankind, humanity’s inherent right to rule the galaxy and the miracle of free trade.

Although the family business would guarantee him both position and privilege, Atellus was not content to simply follow, but rather carve out his own place inn the world (and if that would benefit the family business at the same time, so much the better).

While a firm believer in the Emperor of Mankind, his decision to join the ranks of the Ecclesiarchy was influenced more by the promise of standing and power than religious zeal. While both capable and willing to use force when needed, he is a politician at heart, and will use diplomacy, family connections, deceit or threats as deemed necessary to achieve his goals.


What is your personality like?
– Ambitious
– Pragmatic
– Focused
– Driven
– Although experience has also proven somewhat of a vengeful streak when the adrenaline is flowing.

What does the Inquisition mean to you?
– A means to an end;

What will you sacrifice?

What do you desire?
Attelus is a firm believer in the manifest right of humanity as rulers of the stars under the guiding light of the God-Emperor. He also believe that within that framework, it is not only every man right, but duty, through his efforts to take charge of his own destiny and provide for family and oneself to the best of his abilities.
It is the right of the strong to prosper and also lead the weak.

What do you hate?
– Anonymity
– Ignominy
Those that through inaction or incompetence are unable to fend for themselves and their families, and as a consequence diminishes the rule of Man.

Practical Background.

Where do you come from? What planet did you reside on when you were kidnapped?
Born to a Rouge Trader family, Attelus was born in space on an extended voyage into xxx. The family holdings are located on xxx.

What were you doing when you were kidnapped?
Just out of seminary, Attelus was on his way from xxx to xxx to take up his post as xxx at xxx.

Who is missing you from home? What obligations were you torn away from?
Extended family (TBD). Attelus’ obligations at the time would, in order of priority, be considered family, church and Emperor.

When you resolve your current situation, is your plan to go back?
Going back was the original idea, but where too? After all that has happened, it appears inconciable that the Inquisition would let him leave peacefully, so resuing his career withing the Eccelisarchy is not an option. At first glance running away and hiding with the family far into the dark recesses of unknown space would seem an option; however, the reach of the Inquisition is long, and such a gambit would not only have severe repercussions for Attelus himself, but also possibly both family and buisness.

Besides, working for the Inquisition (and maybe in time even acheving the rank of Inquistior himself) offers previously undreamt of rewards and possibilities. Maybe he can achieve more for Famility, Empire and Emperor this way …


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