WS BS Str T Ag Int Per WP Fel
41 43 32 51 31 51 40 43 30
Movement 3 / 6 / 9 / 18 Wounds 13
Fate 5 Corruption 0 Insanity 0

Skills: Common Lore (Machine Cult) (Int), Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int), Tech Use (Int), Literacy (Int), Secret Tongue (Tech) (Int), Trade (Copyist) (Int), Cyphers (Secret Society – Sollex) (Int), Demolitions (Int), Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis) (Int), Logic (Int), Inquiery (Fel), Awareness (Per), Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus) (Int), Tech Use +10 (Int), Medicae (Int), Security (Ag), Drive (Ground Vehicle) (Ag), Evaluate (Int), Intimidate (Str), Forbidden Lore (Archeotech), Tech Use +20, Dodge, Navigation (Surface), Trade (Armorer), Common Lore (Tech), Awareness +10, Security +10, Speak Language (High Gothic), Common Lore (Imperium), Common Lore (Imperial Creed)

Talents: Melee Weapon Training (Primitive), Pistol Weapon Training (Las), Basic Weapon Training (Las), Fit for Purpose (pg. 10 IH), Stranger to the Cult (pg. 10 IH), Credo Ommnissiah (pg. 122), Electro Graft Use (pg. 115), Mechanicus Implants (pg. 27), Hatred (Tech-heretics) (pg. 117), Unshakable Faith (pg. 122), Melee Weapon Training (Power), Deadeye Shot, Feedback Screech, Binary Chatter, Luminen Charge, Heavy Weapons Training (Las), Luminen Shield, Combat Master, Swift Attack, The Flesh is Weak (Lathes pg. 57, also gives Machine Trait pg. 330)

Weapons Class Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Reload Wt Special
Omnisian Axe Melee 2d5+8 E 6 7kg Power field, Unwieldy, Good quality
Sollex-Pattern-VII "Steel
Burner" Heavy Laspistol Pistol 30m S/-/- 1d10+4 E 2 6 × 10 Full 5kg Good quality, Reliable

Armor: Flak Vest (Body 3), The Flesh Is Weak (All +2)

Gear: Mechanicus robes and vestments (good quality clothing)

Cybernetics: Electro-grafts, Electoo Inductors, Respirator Unit, Cyber-mantle, Potentia Coil, Cranial Circuitry, Utility Mechadendrite, Mind Impulse Unit, Manipulator Mechadendrite.

Throne Gelt: 500

Monthly Income: 200 Thrones

Experience and Advancements

7750 xp spent 50 xp available 7800 xp Total
Toughness Adv. Simple (+5) 100 Background Package (Sollex) 300
Ballistic Skill Adv. Simple (+5) 250 Deadeye Shot 100
Intelligence Adv. Simple (+5) 100 Logic 100
Inquiry 100 Awareness 100
Willpower Adv. Simple (+5) 100 Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus) 100
Tech Use +10 100 Resistance (Fear) 100
Medicae 100 Security 100
Drive Ground Vehicle 100 Evaluate 100
Feedback Screech 100 Binary Chatter 100
Willpower Adv. Moderate (+5) 250 Weapon Skill Adv. Simple 250
The Flesh is Weak (1) 100 The Flesh is Weak (2) 100
Luminen Charge 100 Melee Weapon Training (Power) 200
Intimidate 300 Fellowship Adv Simple (+5) 500
Forbidden Lore (Archeotech) 100 Tech Use +20 100
Dodge 300 Heavy Weapons Training (Las) 100
Navigation (Surface) 100 Luminen Shield 200
Toughness Adv. Intermediate (+10) 250 Trade (Armorer) 100
Combat Master 100 Swift Attack 100
Mechadendrite Use (Utility) 100 Mechadendrite Use (Manipulator) 100
Peer (Adeptus Mechanicus) 100 Common Lore (Tech) 100
Total Recall 100 Ferric Lure 100
Sound Constitution 100 Sound Constitution 100
Blademaster (Axe) 100 Cell Directive (Sanctioned Warden) 250
Double Team 100 Awareness +10 100
Security +10 100 Speak Language (High Gothic) 100
Forbidden Lore (Tech-heresy) 100 Common Lore (Imperium) 100
Common Lore (Imperial Creed) 100 Toughness Adv Trained (+15) 500
Character Name Tybalt Hextor
Home World Forgeworld
Career Path Tech-Priest
Rank Techsorcist
Divination The wise man learns from the death of others
Quirk Pallid
Gender Male
Build Wiry
Height 1.77 m
Weight 84 kg
Skin Color Stained
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Lenses
Age 30

Background: Dedicated to the art of warfare and knowledge of the spectrum of light, Tybalt bears the trademark of being raised among the Cult of Sollex. Though exceptionally gifted Tybalt is also viewed as something of an anomaly among his brethren, not displaying the same level of fanatical dedication as the brotherhood expects. To prove his loyalties the Magos had therefore assigned him duties involved the rooting out and purging of Tech Heretics, though his disappearance interrupted in this quest.


Where do you come from? What planet did you reside on when you were kidnapped?
Tybalt hails from Lathes world Het. However, his physical characteristics are not typical of the latheworlders, indicating off-world ancestry. Details about his family background has remained unanswered as he was separated from his parents at an early age. Having displayed the appropriate physical and psychological aptitude, the child Tybalt was initiated into the Adeptus Mechanicus.

At the time of kidnapping Tybalt had just left Het, in transit to Tranch.

What were you doing when you were kidnapped?
He was on his way to assist his cult brothers in rooting out and eliminating the notorious tech-heretic Xanthillius, reported to be operating on Tranch.

Who is missing you from home? What obligations were you torn away from?
The Magos Ebberon, who recruited him to the Divine Light of Sollex, is likely to be extremely curious as to his sudden disappearance.

His mission was assigned to him by the Magos. Aside from this he had a number of minor projects ongoing, but nothing of great significance in the eyes of the cult.

When you resolve your current situation, is your plan to go back?
Uncertain. There is a significant chance that his disappearance has been interpreted as defection and thus result in rigorous questioning and/or worse. However, his duty would dictate that he return and report.

What is your personality like?
His cult brothers consider him bright, but impulsive and rash, while his fellow acolytes probably consider him emotionally detached, analytical and painfully blunt.

What does the Inquisition mean to you?
Tybalts attitude towards the Inquisition is ambivalent. On the one hand they have had him tortured, interrogated, imprisoned and held him from the cult of Sollex. However, he is also nervous about some of the terrible truths that have been slowly revealed throughout their endeavors. In this aspect the Inquisition seem to be a logical ally.

What will you sacrifice?

What do you desire?

What do you hate?
The obvious choice is tech heresy. To a lesser degree Tybalt is quite intolerant of illogical behaviour. He cannot see why his fellow acolytes are so often dictated by feelings instead of cold reasoning.


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