Marr's Warning

Inquisitor Marr’s Warning


Your mission is in peril. It has come to my knowledge that one of a rivals’ assets, whom I keep under careful surveillance; has been tasked with a mission to Sinophia. Of prime interest to this rival is the silencing of any inquiry into the matter of the Hereticus Tenebrae, therefore I do not believe the correlation between your assignment and that of the rival asset is coincidental. Your investigations have given rise to questions some shortsighted fools would believe are inherently too dangerous to ask.

I suspect that you have been under surveillance for some time. My advice is to consider yourselves completely and irrevocably compromised. However, this situation may also be an indication that your investigations are getting somewhere. You must steel yourselves in order to deal with this threat and continue the God-Emperor’s work. What you seek may very well be interwoven with the dark myth known to some as the Tyrant Star.

Shall you survive, I fear you will be forced to delve deeper into darkness before you find any illumination. I caution you – do not loose your way (lest our rivals be proven true). I have provided Gedeliah’s acolyte with some untraceable funds with which to help your cause. Let not this boon be a waste.

No matter the consequences, the traveler must not return.

The Emperor protects!
Inquisitor Marr

Marr's Warning

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