The Murders on Sinophia Magna

Mam’sel Zamura Rolart

A famed, painted beauty belonging to a minor but well-connected noble house. She was torn apart at her dressing table, and the room ransacked.

Legate Senh-Ar Dole

An off-world trader belonging to neither nobility nor the Undertow. Dole was also a prominent money lender tro whom half of the SInopian nobility were said to be indebted. Dole and his entire household were murdered. SInophia did not mourn his passing, but the chaos caused by the disposition of is estate and the numerous promissory notes owed to him is having serious reercussions among the nobility.

Viscount Hiram Sur’Seculo

A grendee of a noble merchant house with a seat on the Quorum. His killers broke into the noble’s villa in the night and slaughtering all the family and servants. Generally regarded as a killing by the Undertow, it has raised tensions between the underworld and the nobility.

Being the third of these particularly grisly killings where the victims were viciously and brutally torn apart, Fihad Constantine began to suspect something particularly malicious behind the killings. Lacking the resources to properly follow up these investigations, he reported them to the Holy Ordos.

Bal Grey

Minor street boss, Bal was murdered in his apartment. His apartment was ransacked and some items seemed to have gone missing.

The Murders on Sinophia Magna

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